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ampereCustomize innovative solutions

We customize innovative electrical solutions and assemble all our products for your specific requirements in bundles, assembled cords, overmoulding, electrical cabinets and more with controlled quality and lead times.
Our Research and Innovation department supports you from the beginning of the project as well
as in the development of specific electrical functions.

1 200 employees
around the world
6 production sites
30 years of existence in wiring and networks

who are we?

The AMPERE Group is the result of the merger in 2017 of two cabling companies created in 1990 (SOFILEC and CFCA) which, 30 years after their creation, both enjoy recognized expertise and undeniable experience.The AMPERE group has federated the know-how of each companies and we are today experts in our fields of activity: HVAC application, heating and air conditioning, handling, transport, industry and medical application.

Markets & Solutions

ampere group

A bit of SOFILEC

Specialized in the small and medium series of cables, SOFILEC is also present in the electromechanical assembly.


Something of CFCA

Calibrated for the medium and large series of cables, CFCA also offers overmoulding and a wide variety of know-how spread over 5 business sectors.

And it gives us this!

We support our customers on their strategic projects with innovative electrical solutions. We design and manufacture electrical harnesses and electrical cabinets with the ambition to be a leading supplier of electrical solutions in Europe.

our values

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  • Commitment
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  • Team spirit
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  • Innovation
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  • Respect
Some history...

Mr AMPERE, André-Marie, to be precise, gave his name to the international intensity of the electric current: the ampere.He is among the 72 personalities whose name appears on the Eiffel Tower and is at the origin of great discoveries on the bases of electronics and theories of electromagnetism.This universal scientist has accumulated the hats of mathematician, physicist, chemist to philosopher, he is also the creator of the vocabulary of electricity.An extraordinary and fascinating man... A reference, ours.