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markets & solutionsWith every challenge, the cable is the right electric solution

Our know-how?


The AMPERE Group is an expert in the production of your cabinets, cabinets and electrical panels. At AMPERE, we offer our customers power cabinets that incorporate a custom-made distribution of copper bars, distribution cabinets, automation and motor management cabinets. We cover a wide range of products, whether in terms of equipment size or embedded technologies and for any type of volume. We supply and integrate multi-technology components according to your specifications.

...and overmoulding

We offer different designs of molded connectors as well as solutions to our customer's specific needs in order to solve a problem of bulkiness, sealing or a technical problem. High- and low-pressure overmoulding makes it possible to provide solutions where there are no standard answers on the market. The AMPERE group produces cable bundles, cords and cable assemblies with a simple finish such as a contact and a housing. Complex duct assemblies, inductors, resistors and assemblies.

In 5 key areas

The different production sites of the AMPERE group design and produce a wide range of cable bundle products for all your applications for the handling markets - including agricultural, transport, industry - including energy and medical as well as HVAC. All processes are standardized to guarantee our customers the same quality and performance of our products.

  • Heating & air conditioning
  • Handling
  • Medical
  • Industry
  • Transportation

The AMPERE Group

Designs, develops and manufactures complex cable harnesses and racks for trains, defense vehicles, aircraft, and engines. We have proven expertise in all areas of electrical engineering, manufacturing, assembly and testing. We work and realize your products in our workshops with specific equipment! (Part 21G for aeronautics).

Our design office will assist you in the design and manufacture of complex electromechanical modules (control modules), to continuously develop and improve your electrical applications and solutions via prototyping thanks to our own CAD system and dedicated manufacturing means !