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AMPEREActuality1,2,3, count !

1,2,3, count !

1,2,3, count !
What are the obligations?
If counting references seems obvious in order to avoid unnecessary orders and the mass storage of references, the inventory of our articles primarily meets a legal obligation enabling the company to value the stocks and the CAC to certify the accounts. In layman's terms, valuing stocks consists of giving an X amount to an X quantity.
What is at stake for the AMPERE group?
Beyond the legal issue and the valuation of our assets, the inventory is an exercise that highlights major problems for the company with a management or operational issue. It helps the company to manage its stocks with ever greater precision. It highlights the importance of implementing a single logic in terms of labelling or shop layout. It is also an opportunity to mix teams and work closely together in order to forge a group spirit. Logistics, finance, administration, everyone will work together to put in place efficient management principles.
Preparing for the big day
One might think, wrongly, that for a successful inventory, you simply need to know how to count! However, in order for everyone to be at their posts on D-day and to guarantee the success of the day, in-depth preparation is necessary beforehand. In reality, preparing an inventory does not leave anything to chance. You have to ask yourself the right questions and answer them precisely. First and foremost, the material, the timing and the human resources! Then come the identification of coherent counting areas, the creation of efficient pairs, the choice of inventory managers who will supervise each area and who will be able to solve the problems encountered by the teams.
The days after...
A stocktaking is considered to have been effective when the stock is in perfect order. That the stock has been put away and that each part is correctly identified, referenced and stored in a well-defined location for rapid picking. However, the inventory does not stop at counting and quality control of what has been counted. It will then be necessary to readjust discrepancies, check duplicates, inject counts and update tools, or manage obsolete stocks with bills of material that are no longer active but still have a market value.
In short, it's one ant's job after another...
As you can see, the inventory requires a lot of work, a lot of organisation, teamwork and trust. So for all the work done, for the efforts and for the team cohesion, a big thank you to everyone and see you next year!